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In short: A country modeled on the medieval German Reich.
Current Ruler: Emperor Siegfried III.
Dominant religion: Azunizm (Ammanizm) West. State largely secular.

Historically, Hammerstein is a federation of a multitude of duchies and provinces, ruled by a strong hand of the Emperor and the princes-electors. At one time the largest power of the Known World, has been weakened, by losing the Great War of Antalya, which costed it its frontier – Sylverberg (Silberberg). Northern provinces are regularly overrun by Vikings from Ragovar. Despite this, the residents feel superiority (which not entirely unjustified) over the rest of the Known World, which in foreign lands is described by almost proverbial saying: “In Hammerstein …” (Here explain how much better the thing is arranged in their country).

Empire is one of the countries where the faith in Amman, called here sometimes “Azun”, is the national religion. However, one does not meet as many fanatics as in Antalya , and the ratio of priests to the current events is usually dictated by pragmatism. Non-believers are hunted less frequently than in Antalya and the magic is less constrained by supervision (although necromancy and demonology are prohibited). However, in all political disputes and succession, the “religious issues” are always put aside, while the High Priests are almost as influential as the Electors.


Hammerstein has been engaged in a intensive trade with the city-states of the West and other countries. It has a very powerful industry, including military and mining operations. Quickly rebuilt the diplomatic relationship with Antalya, which proves the activity of ‘Amsel Courier’ its territory, originated from the postal service of the Empire. As for the Capital (Kaiserburg), it’s the largest centre of magical studies in the northern realms, famous for the Imperial Hammerstein Academy of Magic.